Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Versace for h&m

I am SO excited for the Versace launch at h&m on Thursday! It's my friends 21st the night before, so I have planned to do an all-nighter. It is completely necessary. I rang the store today and for the minority who don't already know, the rules are as follows:
1. Arrive at 8am (or even earlier if you are mega keen like me)
2. Get a wrist band
3.Wait for the store to open (visit Starbucks, only if this does not jeopardise position in que.)
4. Keep calm and wait
5. Enter store and shop for your allotted 10 minutes (maybe freak out a little)
6. You are only allowed to buy one of each item to prevent bulk buying so don't get orders from friends!
7. Don't think too much into it, whatever is bought will be an investment. If it's not right when you get home you can always sell it!

I'm hoping the Newcastle store wont be too crazy, I think my main competitors will be the fashion students. I have my eye on the leather studded dress, does anyone know the rules on fitting rooms? I'd like to try it on seeing as its £180 still! Nervous/excited. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE X


  1. perfect versache and H&M :D


  2. She is unlike anyone, right! and yes the collection is PERFECT, hope you are both getting involved! Lo xxxx