Friday, 25 November 2011

Evening coatzzz

I really like this jacket from Unique at Topshop. After seeing Caggie's array of long coats in this series of Made In Chelsea, I want one even more! With a little black shift, or a shirt and leather trousers, and big heeled ankle boots I think it would look soooo good. Now all I need is a spare £220...



  1. such a gorgeous jacket, love it C:
    and you asked if i had any tips for getting followers, but you only have a few less than i do!:p i'm relatively new, so i'm still working on it myself but i think the key really is networking. it's important to talk to other bloggers as much as possible and get the word out! plus blog about what you like. good luck with everything, your blog is looking great!
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  2. I love it! I'm following you now! :)

  3. hey i'm new as well in blogging :)
    started yesterday haha
    jacket is amazing,
    especially the fur collar.

  4. This is such a unique design and I really like the fur sleeves on that jacket. I see why you like it so much. I like your blog, you have a lot of cool photos! Great post! Following you now!

    I'm a stylist here in SF doing a Versace H&M giveaway if you have time to stop by :)

  5. Richtig schöner Blog, ich würd mch freuen wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbei schaust (:
    Liebe Grüße <3