Wednesday, 14 September 2011



Got this one from a vintage shop in Newcastle for about £20!

Small 'L' ring- Urban Outfitters
Middle finger- Hermes
Index- McQueen

Lil' Treatz

Had a lovely evening with the wife, drove in the sunset and bought ourselves a little Chanel treat each. Ate nachos for tea followed by lots of choc. Perfect little liason. 

Monday, 12 September 2011

My nail creations so far!

Even though I may have THE shakiest hands ever, I have somehow managed to do some pretty detailed nails in the past few months! My next aim is to produce the galaxy theme, check it out on youtube if you haven't already- I guarantee you will all love them!
Love Lo XOXO


Monday, 5 September 2011

Term time!

Today I went to Newcastle with my Mum and sister to move the majority of my things into our new house! I'm sharing with 5 other girls, and after today am SO excited to move in with them all and make it our own! A few weeks ago we all met for lunch in York, and randomly picked rooms from a hat (a Topshop carrier bag) so it was a fare game. My room is quite small, but I think it has potential to be cute.
So today I was faced with the blank canvas of my new room!
(Excuse the bad quality photos, i took them on my blackberry)

This is the half finished look- minus CLOTHES, SHOES, and photos, all of which are the main decorations! I will show you all the finished look when I move in for real!

An amazing lunch at a Deli down the road,  defos deserved after all that hard work!


Sunday, 4 September 2011


After much, much consideration I have decided that I AM going to dye my hair bubblegum pink. Watching Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model has just confirmed this:

This is the exact colour I'd like it to be; not 'too pink', just really soft, a kind of wishy-washy pastel pink.
Check out these photos from the London based salon "Bleach." Too cool.

                                             And of course there's some MKO inspiration!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Must have

Everyone should own the latest Chanel colour, 531 Peridot. It reminds me of petrol with all the different tones, but when it catches the light is is GOLDEN. Watching paint dry is supposed to be the dullest thing you could do, but after applying this, it's one of my favourite activities!


I've decided to sell quite a few clothes before going back to Uni, it's got to the point where my wardrobe and draws no longer close cos they are so PACKED! and- I end up wearing the same things over and over cos I don't have the energy to pull everything out onto my floor, just to put it all back again.
So, please take a look! I've forced myself be frivolous and not clutch on to things, which is sad as I love everything I've ever bought for different reasons. So I would be very happy to see these clothes go to good owners i.e you guys! Must stop now, this is starting to sound like an adoption advert! Lo X


Daily fix

Topshop Black contrast sheepskin biker jacket