Saturday, 26 November 2011

Afternoon everyone! I've just had one of the longest sleeps of my life, it was amazing! My friend's parents treated us to dinner last night, we ate like Kings and then came home to reality, our student house aka fridge house. It's getting colder and colder, I moan about it but weirdly quite enjoy it! I love wrapping up, I feel like a maid from Downton Abbey or something. So strange. It's always so hot at (real)home I can only last two minutes in pjs, hoody, socks, dressing gown…and so on. But here, layers are a necessity. I wonder when the fun of it will wear off and the endless self-pity calls to my mum will start. 
I missed October's Vogue so going to catch up now with coffee. The plan is to do some research for an essay after, then going to visit some friend's for an Xfactor party, what's everyone else doing? X

Friday, 25 November 2011

Evening coatzzz

I really like this jacket from Unique at Topshop. After seeing Caggie's array of long coats in this series of Made In Chelsea, I want one even more! With a little black shift, or a shirt and leather trousers, and big heeled ankle boots I think it would look soooo good. Now all I need is a spare £220...


Thursday, 24 November 2011


Photo Booth is the demon for people like me. (slackers) I did try and do work but piling the jewelz on was way more fun. 
 Friendship bracelet by Monica Vinader
Watch by Rolex
Rings by YSL


photo diary

It was my best friend's 21st last week so we all escaped University for a long weekend in the country! It was so nice to chill for a few days and indulge in birthday cake and champagne. We went for a long walk across the fields (to the pub) before being shipped back to the city to continue the party. 
The weekend at home made me SO excited for Christmas. I'm already organising a mulled wine and mince pie party for when we all return home for the festive season! I think we should all have one and compare notes and photo's xx

MKA dose!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Wuthering Heights

Went to see the new Wuthering Heights film directed by Andrea Arnold, starring Kaya Schodelario (skins) and a new actor James Howson (amazing and veryyy beautiful). The film was so good I strongly recommend this adaption to everyone. Being from Yorkshire myself I could watch Cathy and Heathcliff roaming across the moors in white, oversized, mud-stained clothing all day long. In envy. 

The backing track is 100% perfect for this film, I can't stop listening to this short clip.
 Mumford and Sons, The Enemy

Disposable University

Versace for h&m

I am SO excited for the Versace launch at h&m on Thursday! It's my friends 21st the night before, so I have planned to do an all-nighter. It is completely necessary. I rang the store today and for the minority who don't already know, the rules are as follows:
1. Arrive at 8am (or even earlier if you are mega keen like me)
2. Get a wrist band
3.Wait for the store to open (visit Starbucks, only if this does not jeopardise position in que.)
4. Keep calm and wait
5. Enter store and shop for your allotted 10 minutes (maybe freak out a little)
6. You are only allowed to buy one of each item to prevent bulk buying so don't get orders from friends!
7. Don't think too much into it, whatever is bought will be an investment. If it's not right when you get home you can always sell it!

I'm hoping the Newcastle store wont be too crazy, I think my main competitors will be the fashion students. I have my eye on the leather studded dress, does anyone know the rules on fitting rooms? I'd like to try it on seeing as its £180 still! Nervous/excited. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE X