Saturday, 27 August 2011

Top 10 SITES


Elle and The Daily Mail provide as much 'important news' as I currently feel is necessary for me to know!
Fashiontoast depicts great photos of both fashion and travelling, enough to drool over for a few minutes of every day. Lookbook presents a few golden outfit choices which then inspire me to venture to the Topshop website, remember my money situation, and therefore end up on their blog.
The Olsens fansite/stalker site fills me with admiration, I try to visit this site once every few days, then I have a feast for the eyes with more than one post to take in.
I am mademoiselle twitter page is hilarious, interesting and... just bloody good, everyone should check it out.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

photo diary

So, this year I got so caught up with Summer, which has evidently resulted in an APPALLING attempt at blogging. I won't even try and come with valid excuses about serious work commitments, important deadlines, etc, because frankly- there aren't any. Instead, hopefully, I can provide you all with some entertaining photos of what I've been doing these past few weeks, enjoy! x
                                                  Picnic and Olly Murs at Castle Howard!!
                                                                     Coat: Vintage
                                                        Oversized shirt: Mums (Burberry)
                                                                     Shorts: Levi
                                                             Boots: Urban Outfitters

                                          A surprise 50th birthday party for my little mummy
                                                                Cashmere jumper: Gap
                                                                     Dress: Topshop
                                                                      Belt: Hermes
                                                                      Earings: H&M
                               Selection of rings: Urban Outfitters, Asos and Alexander Mcqueen

                                                                        York Races
                                                                Oversized clutch: Zara
                                                                  Tailored jacket: Zara
                                                                      Dress: Topshop
                                                                Fascinator: Handmade
Got use on the jacket again, with another Zara dress and Hermes Birkin

Third time lucky VS over-worn! Worn once again for a friends wedding, teamed with Jeffrey Campbell Lita's to spice things up abit. This was the first wedding I have personally been invited to, not just tagging along with family. Admittedly it was a huge, massive, mind-blowing day for the bride and groom, but I too found myself feeling particularly nauseous during that special 'moment'...Being invited to a wedding = ADULT.