Thursday, 1 December 2011


Today I went for a little shop with a friend, thought I maybe deserved a treat or two after my library night! I bought a fur hat from Topshop and some Mac lipstick in 'Rossetto', with a glittery pink top coat called 'Dazzleglass' for the festive season! It's so thick and luxurious, I took some photo's on photobooth but they don't do it justice! 
Also accidentally went to Wagamama's for a late lunch, we were passing and thought it would be rude not to…!

Working harrrrd

So I'm still in recovery from an all-nighter in the library on monday night, and then cooking for 25 people in out student house on the following evening!
The all-nighter was….not great. I went with my friend at 9pm, we called by Waitrose to stock up on snacks to power us through till the early hours. Giant cookies, red bull, crisps, pasta (carbs- slow release haha.) I lasted till 6.30am, and finished an essay, so it was worth it..kind of! It was so strange walking home in the dark, passing responsible adults with real jobs!!
The dinner party was much more to my taste. We did a Euro-trash theme, everyone got a little confused with this and ended up wearing any strange clothes they could find! We cooked bruschetta to start, chicken stroganoff for main, followed by strange shaped cookies and cupcakes. It was so much fun.

Mummy and baby Mulberry's