Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Where's Wally!

We love our new house so much, but one negative….it's haunted.
I didn't believe it at first, well it was more like I wouldn't let myself believe it. But the one housemate who said it was all complete poo, has now seen it. And the worst thing is, it's a little girl. Omg, just felt a draft when I typed that. ARGH. I'm yet to sleep above the duvet. I struggle for oxygen at times but it's manageable. My star sign said I'm thinking about moving house…fingers crossed it doesn't go that far!


Hey guys, so sorry I've been rubbish with my blog this last month, everything has been happening at once!
I've moved in to a house of six girls for second year of Uni, celebrated my 21st in London, Newcastle and Yorkshire! All birthday celebrations are officially over now, I cannot drag it out any longer, although I think I did well to make it last so long considering it was on the 8th! Back in the real world again.
So I have collected some photo's from London to share with you all. I met my Mum and Sister's there and we basically had a weekend full of luxury. We stayed in a new hotel called 'The Montcalm' close to Marble Arch. The room was so much fun, with an open bath tup and a four poster bed with a ceiling of mirrors- you can imagine how excited four girls (well, three girls, one woman. or maybe I should count myself as a woman now I'm 21?! EW) with a bottle of champagne would get!
We ate too much, too often. On my birthday evening we dined at a restaurant called 'Hush'. It's in Lancashire Court on Brook Street. It's so hidden, If we had not been told about it, we would never have discovered it. With a dark, mysterious cocktail bar above, and equally glamorous bars either side, its the best night-time-weekend hangout. Anyway, photos!

Friday, 21 October 2011