Monday, 28 March 2011

White Spirit

I reallllly really want an entire white outfit, ala
                                                                           A. Wang
                                                                         also Wang
                                                                      Topshop Unique

Sunday, 27 March 2011

I'll just have these plz

Charlotte Olympia

When in LDN..

Go to the basement in Topshop, Oxford Street
Get anything/everything going at Wah and Bleach
Heaven will look a little like this space


The imposing surroundings of the British Museum provided the perfect setting for a dramatic presentation by Alice Temperley at London Fashion Week.
The designer was making a welcome return to the London Fashion Week scene after showing for the last four seasons at New York Fashion Week, and also celebrating the start of Temperley London's 10th year. The collection was inspired by decorative Venetian fans, a reference which allowed Temperley full scope to indulge her passion for graphic embellishment and decorative handicrafts.

On the other hand- when we weren't central my bestie and I hung out in a friends flat in East London. Dining out at any opportunity, clubs under tunnels with the sickest rnb rooms, nails did, hair did, basically spending the bursary (and more) we just got awarded for being good girlz at school/university. 

my life in photos from the past few months

Monday, 21 March 2011

Some nice little things to get the ball rollin


So, I'm the new kid on the block!
I have been meaning to start blogging for a longg time- somehow found the appropriate time in the midst of 4 essays- whilst my entire gap year was just too hectic...!
Currently living in Newcastle, studying Journalism- hence the tactical sign up. Cliche' maybz, but fashion makes my days so much sweeter. Get a bit giddy at the start of every month for Mademoiselle's latest confessions, and so forth.
So basically, my tutor tells me that blogs (especially those with a focus on fashion) are poor excuses of journalism, unimportant and will fade out. Please, let's unite, help me prove the silver fox wrong. I dream of print screening followers, or dropping into conversation any element of success/recognition this blog has brought me. So yeah, without sounding too desperate and/or sour, I'll probs leave it there x