Monday, 6 August 2012

Summer nails

This nail ring from Topshop is the best piece of jewellery I have found in a long time! (photo 4) A lot of people think it looks quite strange, but I love it. My BFF and I got matching, and for only £4 I'd buy it ten times over!
I bought this neon orange shade at a market in Thailand. It's like glue, so probably quite bad for my nails, but it stays on for weeks AND was about 20p so I'm happy!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

The hunt for the perfect purse!

I have picked up a few clutch bags/ purses' over the last few weeks, it may have become a small addiction. Having used only the small clutch for the last month or so, I think I may be on the road to recovery from the dreaded quasi-hunchback look. Dragging huge handbags around is not fun anymore! It's only the sun that gives me this outlook, I know.
Camera, phone, passport and makeup, perfect!

White studded (current favourite): Zara
Brown leather: Mulberry
Red canvas: Longchamp
Zebra print: Roberto Cavalli

Bedroom TLC

Hey everyone!
I've spent my Saturday having a huge 'sort out' day. It all sounds very dull, but I woke up in the perfect mood to make everything look nice again. After being away for over a month, (Thailand and Greece) I got used to living out of a bag. My room looked bare and uncared for, so with candles, the Olympics and Frank Ocean in the background I brought back some lovin.
How have you all spent your day?
L x

Friday, 1 June 2012


Lovvvving how patriotic England is at the moment!! With the Queens Jubilee and the Olympics on the way, everyone is uniting and getting siked up. Even Beckham flew in to get involved yesterday, pie and mash, granny homes, schools- FIT. In my small town the bunting is out and flags are hanging from windows of all the houses, everywhere looks so cute. We have family coming for the bank holiday weekend, so i'm about to clean the house and make a MASSIVE cake- going to make at least 4 sponges for it.
Here are some photo's that get me excited!


The Queen is such a babe!!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Like the majority of the female race, I have fallen head-over-heels (x100) with Valentino's Fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection. My faves...

Monday, 5 March 2012

Valentines Ball X

A Valentines Ball was organised in Newcastle, basically an excuse for everyone from Uni to get dressed up and go on a big group date! It was so nice to go out in something other than converse, shorts and an oversized tee. The ball also had a fashion element to it, so there was a catwalk running through the centre of the room with entertainment throughout dinner, suuuper! Here's some photos.


We have just celebrated my little sisters 18th birthday! It was designated 'Ladies Night'- says it all. Our group consisted of 20 18 - 55 year olds. We were definitely one of those cringe-worthy groups you see out in a bar, dancing around the birthday girl who is dressed in a tiara and birthday sash! SO fun. Here are a few suitable photos…

I wore a blazer and trou both Topshop, and oversized orange clutch from Zara