Monday, 21 March 2011


So, I'm the new kid on the block!
I have been meaning to start blogging for a longg time- somehow found the appropriate time in the midst of 4 essays- whilst my entire gap year was just too hectic...!
Currently living in Newcastle, studying Journalism- hence the tactical sign up. Cliche' maybz, but fashion makes my days so much sweeter. Get a bit giddy at the start of every month for Mademoiselle's latest confessions, and so forth.
So basically, my tutor tells me that blogs (especially those with a focus on fashion) are poor excuses of journalism, unimportant and will fade out. Please, let's unite, help me prove the silver fox wrong. I dream of print screening followers, or dropping into conversation any element of success/recognition this blog has brought me. So yeah, without sounding too desperate and/or sour, I'll probs leave it there x

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