Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Hey guys, so sorry I've been rubbish with my blog this last month, everything has been happening at once!
I've moved in to a house of six girls for second year of Uni, celebrated my 21st in London, Newcastle and Yorkshire! All birthday celebrations are officially over now, I cannot drag it out any longer, although I think I did well to make it last so long considering it was on the 8th! Back in the real world again.
So I have collected some photo's from London to share with you all. I met my Mum and Sister's there and we basically had a weekend full of luxury. We stayed in a new hotel called 'The Montcalm' close to Marble Arch. The room was so much fun, with an open bath tup and a four poster bed with a ceiling of mirrors- you can imagine how excited four girls (well, three girls, one woman. or maybe I should count myself as a woman now I'm 21?! EW) with a bottle of champagne would get!
We ate too much, too often. On my birthday evening we dined at a restaurant called 'Hush'. It's in Lancashire Court on Brook Street. It's so hidden, If we had not been told about it, we would never have discovered it. With a dark, mysterious cocktail bar above, and equally glamorous bars either side, its the best night-time-weekend hangout. Anyway, photos!

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