Monday, 12 September 2011

My nail creations so far!

Even though I may have THE shakiest hands ever, I have somehow managed to do some pretty detailed nails in the past few months! My next aim is to produce the galaxy theme, check it out on youtube if you haven't already- I guarantee you will all love them!
Love Lo XOXO



  1. WHEN CAN WE DO THE BLOODY GALAZY THEME? ps ur a fitty ;) lol

  2. ooh I've done the galaxy nails twice, much easier than most of the stuff on here!:)

  3. your fingernails are sooo great!! haha, i think i will do sth. like this next saturday, too. you inspired me ;) come on' and take a look at my blog! Do you have lookbook? :*

  4. I'm jealous of your ring-collection ! (:
    great photos ;)

    xoxo Olja

  5. so cool, I honestly wish I had the patience to do my nails as nice! x

  6. Angela, start with the black nails with the crosses- buy Rimmel's nail tip whitener, it has an extra thin brush so is great to start with!!
    thanks for the comments guys :) I'm reading all your blogs!
    Love lo XOXO

  7. it's very cool! I love it <3