Thursday, 1 September 2011


I've decided to sell quite a few clothes before going back to Uni, it's got to the point where my wardrobe and draws no longer close cos they are so PACKED! and- I end up wearing the same things over and over cos I don't have the energy to pull everything out onto my floor, just to put it all back again.
So, please take a look! I've forced myself be frivolous and not clutch on to things, which is sad as I love everything I've ever bought for different reasons. So I would be very happy to see these clothes go to good owners i.e you guys! Must stop now, this is starting to sound like an adoption advert! Lo X



  1. Hey! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and for following me! I'm following you now back and I really like your blog, you've got nice outfits, and those jeffrey campbel lita's orange *O* gorgeous.
    You're gorgeous yourself too, I like your hair and eyes! And you're selling nice clothes, it's a shame you don't ship in Europe and that i currently don't have money. :(
    The black leather dress is from my mother. She got it from my uncle. I'm not sure what's the brand, but it says it's made in Paris.
    I hope we're reading each other now, right?
    Dolly, xo

    Oh and, btw, if you could just help me a bit. I'm participating in this competition by Yamamay "You're the queen" in colaboration with Chiara Ferragni(from The Blonde Salad). I'd really like to meet Chiara and win, and I'd appriciate if you could just click the "like" button! Let me know when you've done that, and I'll do something in return, like mention you in my post or put you on my list of favorite blogs on the left side.

    Thank you in advance, Dolly, xo

  2. Hey thanks for all the feedback! So kind of you. As you can see I'm new to it all and dont really know how to get going all that well!
    I liked that competition for you, it looks really cool, you have a lot of support so far so I hope it works out for you! The favour would be so sweet, and would definitely help me out :) Love lo XXX