Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The winter blues...

Now 2013 is upon us we can start thinking about spring/summer trends (finally) and begin to shed the winter layers (which for me is about 20) and embrace the better weather. Spring can't come soon enough! However, outside it is still miserable and my layers remain firmly on. The only way I can make a start with the spring is through my nails! Here are a few of my current favourites...

Glitter nails: these are set to remain a staple among nail art lovers, but with a twist. Instead of painting the whole nail, a more chic version is to ombre the glitter, from either the nail tip or the cuticle, leaving a gradual effect. Use a toned down shade as the base coat and allow the glitter to do all the talking.

Textures: with caviar nails being worn by everyone and their mum last year, thank goodness that there are some fresh texture polishes coming out this season. Nails Inc are leading with this, bringing out an amazing range of new varnishes. From their leather effect polish currently loved by Alexa Chung, to their 3D glitter polish (pictured) creating a more matte effect and their limited edition 'concrete' range which comes in four colours - there is no reason to be bored in 2013!

Neon: huge for spring, the neon trend is yet to die out. Having neon nails means you can incorporate the trend without blinding everyone else! To get the best out of your colour, apply a white basecoat and paint over the top. The 2013 Dior 'Cruise' collection has three great neons, but if you are looking more towards the high street, American Apparel and even Primark have neon polishes. 

Two Tone: an easy way to achieve a striking look, the two-tone manicure can be done in a variety of ways. Incorporating the flash of metallic look that was seen in the Monika Chaing and Nicole Miller shows in New York, this look can be achieved by simply painting a silver base and finishing with a black line that follows the nail bed. French manicure stickers are also useful and can be placed at any point on the nail to vary the colour block. 

What are you guys doing with your nails at the moment? Is it helping to banish the winter blues?

Jess xox

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