Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been quite low-key recently, but I have an extremmmmely valid excuse..I have MUMPS. Basically, one side of my neck/face has swollen up, I look like I reallly enjoyed quite a few Christmas dinner's. It's very funny to look at, but after a week of heaving myself around I want a jaw again! So I have been told to stay in hibernation for a few days, very strenuous. Itv's 'Take Me Out' has been tonight's highlight, and a huge thank you to all of you, your blogs have kept me entertained allll day- and a few internet purchases! Its midnight, and I am waiting for my sister to bring me some noodles (straight to the sofa) from her takeaway night with friends…..maybe the big neck is here to stay.
While I'm waiting for my midnight feast, here's some photo's from the past few weeks.
Hope you are all enjoying the new year!

                                                                       Christmas Day

                                                                        Darling sister
                                                                    1920'S PARTY

                                                                        Dinner Party


  1. I hope you feel better ...I haven't heard of Mumps. I love the red tights and the pics with you and your sis are very cute.


  2. Oh goodness you poor thing I had mumps at uni both sides of my neck were swollen and I looked like a chipmunk. It's so sore, lots of liquid food and painkillers and stay away from anyone who hasn't had it!
    Lovely pictures though!